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Exercise is important for everyone, but it becomes especially so as we get older.With the sedentary lifestyle of many  adults comes weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and loss of functional mobility; the ability to perform the movements of every day living. Bending over to tie your shoes, getting out of a chair, pulling something down from that top shelf, it all gets more difficult as we age if we don't exercise.


Come to the Treetop Gym to regain your strength and mobility. You can tone up, build muscle and burn fat, too.  I am an ACSM Certified Peresonal trainer and offer truly customized Personal Training. Included in your Training Program is a Fitness Assessment where we can discuss your goals so I can develop a program that is just for you. Or you can also bring a Buddy, cut the cost and have fun training with a friend.



Contact Info

Bob Haake
12 Silverthorne Road
High Bridge NJ

Tel: 908-892-1849
E mail:

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