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"I have been working out with Bob for 3 years, he always challenges me. He has put me on a path of better health, both mentally and physically". - Roger

“Bob is an outstanding trainer. He is very knowledgeable about different forms of exercise. He is concerned about proper form and is observant to make sure you don’t get hurt. He pushes, but not too far. The program is tailored to my age and condition. One thing I enjoy is that each  session is different and interesting - He uses a variety of exercises and equipment. Most routines he teaches can be done with inexpensive equipment or no equipment at all, so you can keep up with your routine at home or when you travel. One other thing: With diet and exercise, after a year my doctor said I could stop taking medication for hypertension. That was great news." -- Steve






"When I started, he encouraged a lifestyle change, especially diet. I lost 40 pounds in a year and am still dropping.

These are better results than I had with any other program (group classes, gym, DIY which never worked well for me).
He wants you to enjoy the workout and feel good when you’re done. Often he exercises right along with you." 
-- Linda




"One of my long-term goals has been to ski the moguls at Killington Vermont. I had the drive, but not the strength. By steady exercise with Bob I have gained lots of leg and knee strength as well as flexibility so that my dream became a reality last winter. Bob has a variety of routines to keep it interesting so I really look forward to working out."  -- Susan



"I started working with Bob about 2 months ago. I had hip replacement surgery last year and although my surgery was a great success, I didn't realize how weak my left leg (and the rest of my body) had become after I had to start cutting back on physical activity 6 years ago. I was immediately struck by the Bob's detailed evaluation of my strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness; which he used to to start me off on a truly personalized workout program with goals commensurate to my needs. Every workout is a different mix of exercises which makes the workouts more enjoyable. My body has started feeling great again thanks to Bob's guidance and oversight" - Alan

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